Powerband offers converters a partnering opportunity they cannot afford to miss.Today every company has to concentrate on its core competencies to survive.While we supply the coated products, you can convert them by slitting.

Here's what we bring to the table:

  • The largest production capacity in South-West Asia for coating (420 million sq. m/annum) and slitting.    
  • High-speed computer-controlled coating lines with online gauge measurement devices that measure the coating thickness and the total gross thickness of the film throughout the web width on a millisecond basis. The data is observed by the operator of the machine on a computer terminal, who makes the necessary corrections. This eliminates variations in coating and helps us produce uniform variationfree jumbo rolls.
  • The jumbo rolls help reduce wastage levels and thus improve profitability. Since there is practically zero variation on the web width of the coated jumbo roll, the slitting operator can produce tape rolls much faster without worrying about the quality of the jumbo roll.
  • Since we have large-scale production facilities and better machines, we can offer you better material at a cost that is lower than your production cost. This will help you improve profitability and enable your company to grow.
  • We have access to better technology and can quickly adapt to advancements in production methods. At Powerband, we work continuously on improving our products and reducing costs.
  • Our production capabilities and capacities and your expertise will make it a partnership that's hard to beat.



When we started POWERBAND, we were sure about one thing, we had no room for medicoricity and complacency right from the word go.

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