Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Powerband is the largest manufacturer of BOPP packaging tapes in south and west Asia, you also get the benefits of economies of scale. Here's why Powerband -and India -is the best bet for all your contract manufacturing needs:

The India Advantages :

  • A highly skilled English-speaking population
  • A large pool of engineers and technical personnel
  • The largest democracy in the world
  • Highly stable and transparent legal system
  • One of the most stable economic systems in the world
  • One of the best stock exchanges in the world
  • Low labour, electricity and transportation costs

The Powerband Advantages :

  • High-speed state-of-the-art coating lines with online infra-red gauge measurement devices
  • Fully automatic Guzzetti slitters and packing lines
  • Organisation-wide implementation of ERP (SAP) software
  • Backward integration for better cost control
  • Low cost of production



When we started POWERBAND, we were sure about one thing, we had no room for medicoricity and complacency right from the word go.

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