Global Self-Adhesive Tape Market

Global Self-Adhesive Tape Market

Considering how versatile they are, it should come as no surprise the global market for self-adhesive tapes is on the fast track. The industry is expected to grow at a rate of five per cent per annum, creating a global market of over 26 billion square meters, valued at over $22 billion, by the year 2008.

The US is the largest market for self-adhesive tapes, packaging tapes and carton-sealing tapes, accounting for 20 per cent of global demand. But its market share is expected to decline as consumption in developing countries grows. In fact, China is expected to be the largest global consumer of self-adhesive tapes in another five years.

Adhesive tapes seem to have become especially popular with the packaging industry. Two-thirds of the self-adhesive tape market is accounted for by corrugated carton-sealing tapes, and its share will only grow as the world economy surges forward, and as developing countries rely more and more on these tapes for their packaging needs. The growth prospects for specialty tapes – double-sided, adhesive transfer etc – also look pretty good. They're becoming indispensable in growth industries like electronics and telecommunications.

The future for adhesive tapes looks bright in India as well. As companies look beyond traditional forms of packaging and adhesive tape manufacturers such as Powerband launch more and more innovative packaging tapes and solutions, the demand for adhesive tapes will also pick up. It looks as though good times are ahead for adhesive tape manufacturers.

Where we stand:

Riding high on the India wave is BOPP adhesive tapes and protective films manufacturer Powerband, promoted by Rajan Desai, a merit-list graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. It has surged ahead with a compounded growth rate of 100-150 per cent a year since it was founded in 1998. Today, it has the largest distribution base in the country, servicing more than 2,500 clients, including India's top 100 companies and a host of smaller firms.

Powerband is already the biggest manufacturer of BOPP tapes in South and West Asia, and aims to become one of world's top five manufacturers of adhesive tapes and protective/ packaging film within a decade. To help to make that great leap forward, it has invested in high-technology processes. And considering its determination to succeed and a motto that says `Impossible is Potential ' the dream of winning over the world could be well within its grasp.


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